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Technology at A Dental Art, work hand in hand with excellent care!

A Dental Art uses the most advanced technology available to provide the best care for its patients.


This is a technique where we use your blood’s cell to help augmenting your bone structure for implant’s purpose.

Digital X- rays

A Dental Art uses the most advanced technology available to provide the best care for its patients. Here are some of the ways that A Dental Art helps keep your teeth beautiful for life!


Diagnadent is an instrument that can find cavities before they actually appear on clinical X-Rays. Diagnadent resembles a pen. It is used by shining a red light on teeth. A tooth with lots of decay will appear differently under the light than one without. Diagnadent also makes a buzzing sound that gets louder as more decay is detected. This painless laser device can save both time and money by treating a problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Panoramic X-rays

This technology allows the professionals at A Dental Art to see the entire mouth. It shows not only the teeth but also the jaw line, sinus cavity, and other areas throughout the head. Panoramic X-rays differ from the traditional X-rays. Instead of the traditional way of putting the film in the patient’s mouth, a panoramic X-ray machine operates from outside the mouth and actually circles around your head, making it much easier to use. This is especially helpful for patients with severe pain or whose gag reflex makes traditional bitewing X-rays difficult. Panoramic X-rays are useful for viewing many issues such as; impacted wisdom teeth, evaluating bone or jaw problems, detecting infections and even some types of cancers. We advise our patients to have one every five years as well as patients going with braces.

CT Scan Dentistry

A Dental Art also utilizes CT Scan technology. This technology takes three-dimensional X-rays of a patient’s mouth and jaw. CT Scans can eliminate a separate trip to the radiology laboratory saving you time and additional expense. CT Scans involve less radiation than the multiple X-rays used in traditional bitewing exams. With just one scan, our machine produces an image that shows more detail than any other type of X-ray. A CT Scan is especially helpful when evaluating a patient for dental implants because it provides a complete image of both bone and gum tissue. By using CT Scan technology the specialist at A Dental Art can fully evaluate a patient before any work is done. Having the more accurate information received from a CT Scan allows for greater precision in dental procedures, which results in less time and discomfort for the patient. Quick and silent, this technology is ideal for those with anxieties about visiting a dentist. A Dental Art removes the worry and guesswork in order to better focus on providing patients with a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Intra-Oral Camera

The use of an Intra-oral camera allows A Dental Art to better communicate with clients by providing the opportunity for patients see their mouth as A Dental Art sees it. This camera provides clear, easy-to-understand images of a fractured tooth or other problem. These images can be viewed instantly on a computer monitor in the same room. Intra-oral cameras eliminate the extra time needed to develop the film that is necessary with traditional X-rays. Photos can be quickly re-taken if required. With the Intra-oral camera, A Dental Art can see problems that can be fixed before they become advanced or start to cause pain.

You can be confident that A Dental Art is always on the cutting edge of dental care technology. State-of-the-art equipment, combined with our expertise and experience, creates an environment that emphasizes our philosophy

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