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Gum Therapy

Healthy Teeth for Life can start with proper oral hygiene, we can help restore healthier gums with Gum Therapy

General Overview

Gum disease can be a serious problem and is the main cause of tooth loss for those 18 and older. Approximately 50 million people in this country have some form of gum disease. It is caused by bacteria on teeth, which turns into plaque and tarter above the gum line and is manifested by bleeding, swelling or a perpetual bad taste in the mouth. Eventually, the bone will begin to soften as a result of the bacteria, leading to tooth loss. The deterioration can happen slowly or quickly and can affect you at any age. One of the best methods of treatment for gum disease is gum therapy, which can halt the spread of disease. Gum therapy involves cleaning under the gums in places you can’t reach on your own, using techniques called scaling and root planning. This often includes replacement of gaps left by bone loss and may make teeth appear longer. With this therapy, the dentist is able to clean and treat the problem at the root and bone level. Prices for care vary, depending on the type of treatment chosen.

A Dental Art’s Approach

A Dental Art uses the latest advances in gum therapy, which means less discomfort and a shorter recovery time for the patient. There are methods that eliminate the need for incision in the gums and decrease the possibility for infection. We work with our patients to make it easy for them to continue good dental health at home, reducing the need for further procedures.

Client Benefits

Gum therapy, when performed early, can result in stronger, more durable teeth. A Dental Art works to quickly identify whether the patient has a need for this therapy and works to make your mouth more healthy and secure.

At A Dental Art we do not use needles to treat patients of our therapy. A special medication is placed in your gum.

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