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I was away for the weekend and suffered the whole time with a toothache that was so bad it made my eye hurt. I called Dr. Lina first thing on Monday and she took me right away even though it had been some time since I had an appointment. I was dreading it when she told me I needed a root canal, but I was dying for some relief so I figured how much worse could it be? I was so pleasantly surprised. The procedure itself was painless, I didn’t feel a thing. I kept waiting for hurt to set in, but she was so gentle that I couldn’t believe it when it was over. I had always heard horror stories about root canal, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. She gave me instructions about after care, and I was a little sore, but it was nothing that two Tylenol couldn’t fix. Thanks Dr. Lina!”

Sam S., Lauderhill, FL


“My family has been seeing Dr. Lina for years and when my son was nine years old she recommended braces to correct some spacing issues and an overbite. Dr. Lina went through the whole process with him, explaining how the braces would work and how he could get them off quickly. She gave us a timeframe of a year and half to correct his problem. There were a few broken wires and brackets along the way (try to keep a nine year old from sneaking popcorn and gummy bears), but she fixed these problems quickly and without making him feel uncomfortable. Nineteen months after our initial consultation, he got his braces off and so proud of his beautiful smile. He has been wearing a retainer for the last few months and thanks to Dr. Lina, his teeth look beautiful.”

Rhonda T., Sunrise, FL


“Last year I lost two teeth in a fall. I was so embarrassed to walk around with that gap in my smile it made me feel ugly and self-conscious so I was always hiding behind my hands, a cup, anything to hide that gap. I always knew that implants were an option, but my insurance coverage wasn’t that great and I couldn’t afford them. I went to Dr. Lina for a regular checkup and during the course of our visit I talked to her about implants. I told her that the reason I hadn’t gotten them was because of the cost. She assured me that she would work with me and provide me with a good financing option so that I could afford them. I’m so glad I had that conversation. She completed all of my work in just a few visits and I’m not afraid to smile anymore. Dr. Lina gave me back my confidence.”

Lita T., Sunrise, FL
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