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Root Canals

Removal of the nerve of a tooth

General Overview

A root canal is a very common but often misunderstood procedure. It is used to fix and save a badly damaged tooth and prevent infection. The process involves eliminating the pulp and nerve from a tooth. It is then cleaned out and the hole is blocked. Teeth can become injured in a variety of ways such as too many dental procedures, an accident which damages the face, or excessive decay. Some of the signs that you may need a root canal include severe sensitivity for a long period, extreme discomfort when chewing, inflammation and tooth darkening. If left untreated, a defective tooth can cause infection, swelling and bone damage. Since the nerve in a tooth is only used to feel impressions such as heat or cold, the tooth is still viable after a root canal is performed. A common misconception is that root canals are painful but with sedation, most patients experience little to no pain. The cost for a root canal, determined by which tooth is affected and how much repair is required.

A Dental Art’s Approach

We work to make any dental procedure, including root canals, as painless as possible. A Dental Art has a high rate of success in root canals, saving the tooth so that it lasts a lifetime. From diagnosis to the finished process, A Dental Art makes every effort to ensure our patients are comfortable during the course of action and are satisfied with their new appearance.

Client Benefits

After a root canal, you can resume your normal life in one day, with no more pain. A Dental Art specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can make a root canal look completely unnoticeable.

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