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Get even with Invisalign

General Overview

Invisalign are clear, plastic retainers, which eliminates the need for the wires and metal of traditional braces. Invisalign are popular because they are virtually invisible. Invisalign essentially performs the same function as braces. Like regular braces, they help to fix teeth that need realignment. They work by putting pressure on the teeth in order to make them conform to the shape of your custom-made aligner. A computer is used to determine how your teeth should be shaped and the aligners are created to achieve that result. There are several reasons your teeth may require straightening, such as your upper or lower bite being uneven, called a malocclusion, or crooked or uneven teeth. Since the Invisalign process is constantly reshaping your teeth, you will need to change the set of aligners, in a specific order, every two weeks and visit your doctor every two weeks. Although they are removable, it is vital that you keep them in place 24/7 to achieve the best results in the fastest time. Invisalign costs approximately the same as traditional braces. Depending on the condition of your teeth and how much work needs to be done, the price is typically about $4,500. Minor problems such as spacing may be fixed in a shorter period of time for a lesser amount.

A Dental Art’s Approach

At A Dental Art, we have different approaches to align teeth, fix malfunctions and correct bone discrepancy with, braces or  Invisalign. We carefully schedule appointments for Invisalign patients in order to accurately administer treatment for maximum results. Most of our adult patients finish the process in approximately 5 months. Invisalign has become one of our most-requested services and we have many success stories.

Client Benefits

Since Invisalign braces are clear, you can correct your smile in comfort and with confidence. Also, because they are removable, you can eat and drink without worry. Invisalign allows you to have more control over your treatment than regular braces and you can actually see the wonderful results as they happen.

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