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IV Sedations

Sedation is done with medicine or intravenously.

General Overview

For people with a common fear of dentists known as dental phobia, sedation dentistry is available. This process allows a person to receive important dental care and procedures without worry or dread. More than 30 percent of the population suffers from dental phobia, which can put their dental health at risk. Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives to combat this fear. Dentists use a variety of products, such as nitrous oxide and tranquillizers for sedation, which is given either orally or intravenously. Some dental procedures will still necessitate use of an anesthetic injection into the mouth, but this is usually done after the sedation process. It is imperative to have a responsible adult drive you to and from your appointment if using sedation dentistry. Many insurance plans do not cover the cost of sedation dentistry.

A Dental Art’s Approach

This option is particularly helpful for our patients who are afraid of having dental work done because they need a long or more complex procedure. At A Dental Art, we use sedation dentistry to combat this fear and lessen patient apprehension. Oral sedation is our most popular method and does not require needles. Patients are semi-conscious and relaxed but are still able to follow instructions. For intravenous sedation, A Dental Art uses new, state-of-the-art methods that also do not require injection with needles. We work with patients to make the process affordable.

Client Benefits

Patients who take advantage of sedation dentistry are more likely schedule regular visits as required, which often makes elaborate dental treatments unnecessary. Since the anxiety is not a factor, they do not delay or avoid essential dental services. When patients receive frequent check-ups, the dentist can identify potential problems and solve them before they become major issues.

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