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General Overview

To manage tooth loss, artificial substitutes known as dental implants may be used.  Implants are often recommended for those who have suffered a loss of permanent or adult teeth and require replacements to regain optimal use of teeth.  Dental implants consist of a screw made of titanium and a crown, and are commonly referred to as cosmetic or prosthetic dentistry. This is the most successful choice for treatment of lost teeth. The procedure can usually be done in one visit but involves a healing period, which can last from three to six months.  There are many possible causes for tooth loss, including accidents, disease, tooth decay and tremendous overuse of teeth.

A Dental Art’s Approach

Whether you need to use implants with a crown for just one tooth or with a bridge for several teeth, A Dental Art is here to help you solve your tooth loss problems. When you come in for a consultation, we give you the personalized attention you need to make an informed decision about dental implants and how this option can fill your individual needs. With recent innovations in implant dentistry, the types of implants we use are resilient, versatile and undetectable, making them a good solution for many of our patients. A Dental Art takes special care during the healing period to prevent rejection and ensure a high rate of success with dental implants.

And now with PRP and Bone Augmentation, implants are always a great option.

One Day Implants:  There are some cases where implants can have teeth the same day.  Make an appointment to consult with Dr. Narbone.

Client Benefits

Implants can provide a permanent solution to the problems caused by tooth loss such as an unattractive smile or altered eating habits. With the use of implants, you no longer need to hide your smile or avoid many of your favorite foods.

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