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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

General Overview

Cosmetic dentistry is defined as elective oral procedures and treatments designed to improve your appearance and/or self image. Dental problems that are not related to hygiene or treatment of disease are typically classified as cosmetic dentistry. They are services that are desired or chosen by the patient in order to renew and refine the look of the mouth and teeth. Some examples of cosmetic dentistry include teeth whitening veneers used to correct discoloration or chipping, implants to replace missing teeth, and inlays which provide a more modern alternative to traditional fillings. An increasingly popular option, cosmetic dentistry can greatly enhance the look of your smile, thereby giving your more confidence and a better appearance.

A Dental Art’s Approach

At A Dental Art , we specialize in cosmetic dentistry procedures. We stay up-to-date and use the very latest technology to give our patients their new and improved look. We work with you to develop a course of action for your treatments so you will know what to expect, have a general timeframe and make informed decisions on the road to your new smile.

Client Benefits

You will be surprised by how much a perfect smile can improve your look and your outlook. A Dental Art works to make cosmetic dentistry procedures as quick and pain free as possible. And we will ensure that you are happy with the
new you.

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