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Dentures are acrylic devices with teeth that replace all your teeth

General Overview

Dentures are used to replace missing or damaged teeth. There are many causes for tooth loss, including disease or injuries. Since gaps in the mouth will cause teeth to shift and move, it is very important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Dentures can be made for even one tooth. First, a mold is made to determine the best fit. The dentures are then made from this mold. They are available as both full and partial sets. There are two types of dentures plastic and porcelain. Porcelain is considered more durable. However, plastic dentures eliminate the sound commonly associated with dentures. There are three types of full dentures: standard — for people who have already experienced tooth loss, immediate or temporary dentures made and available the same day the teeth are removed and overdentures those which are designed to be placed on top of existing teeth.

A Dental Art’s Approach

At A Dental Art, we know how crucial it is to have a beautiful smile. We work with our patients to achieve the best fit and performance for their dentures. A Dental Art uses the latest materials for the most natural look and color. Since changes in bones and gums are to be expected, we also maintain a schedule for adjustments and relines to make sure you get optimum use of this important procedure.

Client Benefits

With proper care and hygiene, dentures can last for many years. A Dental Art will show you how to maintain and familiarize yourself with your new dentures. Wearing dentures will improve any eating or speaking issues developed as a result of missing teeth. This treatment will keep you feeling attractive and confident for a long time.

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